Information on spam mails

Various spam mails are currently being sent in our name. Some of them have a malicious file attached which is disguised as an order confirmation.

Do not open the attached file under any circumstances!

These e-mails have the subject “WG: new order D-H42910“, for example, and are displayed with our name and e-mail address in the sender’s address. In some cases, even our official e-mail signature has been imitated.

None of these e-mails were sent by us, or from our network, or via our servers. This is what is known as email spoofing (Wikipedia). Recipients of these e-mails are deliberately being deceived and are being tricked into opening the attachment by a supposedly trustworthy sender. Do not open it under any circumstances.

It is difficult to contain these e-mails as they are not sent via our IT infrastructure and are therefore beyond our control. We ask you to check carefully whether these are actual e-mails from Asshorn Vakuumtechnik. Thank you for your understanding.

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