How we repair


With every repair, your vacuum pump will be completely and damage-free dismantled at Asshorn Vakuumtechnik. Even during this work, we document the contamination and, if necessary, the existing damage for you. We pay particular attention to the careful inspection of the functional surfaces.

We often send you photos of your damaged pump promptly to give you detailed information about the “internal condition”.

In order to ensure error-free restart, the relevant components are checked and measured if necessary. This includes, among other things, the radial run-out test of shafts, Roots, rotors, surface roughness, gap dimensions and the contact pattern of valve surfaces.

Then all parts are cleaned completely and thoroughly. If the components of your vacuum pump are heavily soiled or corroded, the surfaces are bead-blasted and prepared for reuse.

Of course, professional assembly also includes the replacement of all wear parts and the measurement of the gap dimensions.

In a final function check, we ensure the perfect condition and function. After the complete repair, your vacuum pump will again meet the manufacturer-specific specifications with regard to final pressure, electrical power consumption and load capacity.

Repair service / technical customer service

The vacuum pumps repaired by us meet the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

Due to our many years of experience in the field of vacuum technology, we can often help you at very short notice through telephone advice. Should this not be enough, we can usually avoid or significantly shorten production downtimes by providing rental or replacement pumps.

We recommend establishing the highest possible level of production reliability through regular maintenance and preventive repairs. Together with you, we would be happy to work out individual maintenance plans based on your specific requirements.

Refurbishment of the original parts

Often it is not absolutely necessary to buy new expensive spare parts. By mechanically processing your original pump parts, we avoid unnecessary material costs without negatively affecting the performance of the pump.
The reconditioning of the vacuum components is done by flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, milling and drilling, as well as surface coating.

We can often “save” even heavily damaged components through mechanical processing.

Test run

Before the pumps are delivered, they have to pass a test run lasting several hours. The parameters ultimate pressure, electrical power consumption and operating temperature as well as noise development and vibrations are checked.